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eGRID User Satisfaction Survey

The U.S. EPA is continually improving eGRID and your input is needed.  Answers to the eight questions below will inform changes that will improve eGRID and allow it to better address your needs.
1. What's your affiliation?
2. What is your general level of satisfaction with eGRID?
3. For what purpose do you use eGRID?
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4. Which types of eGRID data files and formats do you use?
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5. What types of eGRID data do you use?
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6. If you use emission rates, which emission rates do you use?
Space Cell CO2CH4, N2OCO2eSO2, NOxI don't use these rates
Input emission rate (lb/MMBtu)
Fuel-specific input emission rate
Output emission rate (lbs/MWh)
Combustion output emission rate
Fuel-specific output emission rate
Non-baseload output emission rate
7. eGRID currently presents data at multiple levels of aggregation. Which levels of aggregation do you use?
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