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2018 Inclusion and Diversity Task Force Interest Survey - Closes July 6, 2018

Please use this form to indicate your personal interest or to nominate someone to serve on the inclusion and diversity task force, a collaborative effort of the National Association of Agricultural Educators, National FFA Foundation, National FFA Organization and National Teach Ag Campaign.

Inclusion and Diversity Task Force 
The National Association of Agricultural Educators, the National FFA Organization and Foundation, and the National Teach Ag Campaign are collaboratively seeking passionate agricultural education professionals, NAAE staff members and National FFA staff members who are interested in assisting the organizations with addressing the inclusion and diversity needs of students, teachers, state staff, teacher educators and stakeholders in the agricultural education community. Task force members will be responsible for identifying engagement opportunities, collaborative partnerships and inclusion and diversity strategies that will contribute to the goal of ensuring agriculture classrooms reflect the schools and communities in which they reside. 
Inclusion defined 
All individuals (teachers, students, state staff, teacher educators, partners who interact in agricultural education will feel welcome and celebrated as their authentic self, free of fear, judgement, bias or discrimination. 
Diversity defined 
A healthy representation of individuals in agricultural education from all backgrounds, races, ethnicities, religions, genders, ability, geographic location, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, and beliefs. 
Task force Expectations 
The task force will serve in an advisory capacity with no official voting or decision-making abilities. The task force will make recommendations based on what is best for the broader agricultural education community. 
Time Commitment 
The Inclusion and Diversity Task Force will meet a minimum of three times a year, one being face to face while the others being remote using technology to connect. Task force members can anticipate spending approximately 10 hours per calendar year related to the task force outside the two-day face to face meeting and two additional remote meetings of approximately 60-90 minutes. 
There will be no time compensation for task force members. In the event travel is required arrangements will be covered at no expense for task force members, including substitute pay for agriculture teachers. 
June 8 - July 6 task force interest survey available 
July 9 - July 31 task force selection process 
August 1- 3 Contact selected individuals and confirm participation 
August 13, 3pm Eastern task force Introductory conference call 
Fall 2018 Face to Face meeting, Location and Date TBD during August 13 conference call  
The Inclusion and Diversity Steering Committee will: 
  • Maintain mission focus 
  • Select a diverse and inclusive group for the task force from a pool of self-appointed, nominated and identified individuals. 
  • Facilitate meetings and identify agenda items with task force input.
  • Coordinate meetings and travel logistics. 
  • Implement task force recommendations. 
  • Provide timely and thorough updates to task force members and the agricultural education community. 
  • Solicit funding to support inclusion and diversity initiatives. 
Task force members will: 
  • Contribute to the task force in a meaningful and positive way. 
  • Respect the opinions of other task force members. 
  • Be solution and mission focused. 
  • Attend meetings on a regular basis. 
  • Consider the broader agricultural education community when making recommendations. 
  • Maintain communication with task force members and Inclusion and Diversity Steering Committee. 
Ideal task force member characteristics: 
  • Open-minded  
  • Problem-solver 
  • Ability to compromise
  • Good listener 
  • Willing to respect alternative viewpoints
  • Dedicated to improving inclusion and diversity in agricultural education 
  • Connected to agricultural education
  • Engaged member in professional organization 
  • Available to participate in meetings over a two year time frame. 
Inclusion and Diversity Steering Committee 
Ms. Molly Ball
National FFA Foundation
Dr. Steve Brown 
Education Specialist 
United States Department of Education
Dr. Jay Jackman
Executive Director 
National Association of Agricultural Educators 
Mr. Mark Poeschl 
National FFA Organization
Ms. Alissa Smith 
Associate Executive Director 
National Association of Agricultural Educators
Ms. Ellen Thompson 
Project Director 
National Teach Ag Campaign 

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