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2018 International Children's Festival of the Arts

Thank you for attending the 2018 International Children's Festival of the Arts

2. How did you learn about the Festival? 
3. What factors influenced your decision to attend Festival? Check all that apply.
4. What feature performance(s) did you attend?  
5. In which paid site activities did you participate? 
6. Which other activities did you experience?
7. On the weekend we offer a Kids Butterfly Pass which includes One Feature Performance, unlimited Site Activities, Admission to Toddler Town, caricature trading card, a festival treat and one free child admission to Fort Edmonton park.  Did you purchase a Butterfly Pass this year?
8. Did you feel you received good value for the price of the Butterfly Pass?
8. Were you aware of the Festival’s NEW Sensory Inclusion Program? The program includes enhanced way finding, inclusion kits, calming rooms, social stories, a sensory friendly feature performance and other modifications to minimize sensory sensitivities.
9. What parts of the Sensory Inclusion Program did you access/participate in.  check all that apply
9. Would you recommend the Festival to other families with whom you're in contact because of our sensory program?
9. Did you find the new way finding (colour coded map and flags) useful for on site navigation?