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Mogens Schou Nominations for 21st annual conference

Mogens Schou Nomination 2019

Please complete this form to make or support a nomination for the 2019 Mogens Schou Awards in the areas of Research, Education and Teaching or Public Service and Advocacy.
All questions must be answered.
Only those with current ISBD memberships may vote.
You may only nominate or support 1 nomination per area
Previous winners of a Mogens Schou Award are not eligible. For a list of previous winners visit

The Mogens Schou Awards are very competitive. In order to assist the awards committee in making a selection the person submitting the nomination must provide a statement between 500 - 750 characters detailing why they believe their candidate deserves to be honored. Those supporting nominations have the option of making a brief (500 character max) supporting statement as well. 
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