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EduCorps nomination form for prospective teachersV2

Thank you for helping to solve California's Teacher Shortage!

This form allows you to nominate students (or paraprofessionals or potential career changers) that you believe would be strong candidates for the teaching profession. You can nominate as many as you want!

You will be prompted to enter the names and email addresses of your nominees. Phone numbers are helpful, if you can provide them. 
The College of Education at the closest CSU campus will contact your nominees to congratulate them on this honor. They will also invite them to join EduCorps (it's free!) so they can become part of the community of students pursuing teaching as a career. EduCorps members receive ongoing support as they prepare to pursue a teaching credential. In some cases, the College of Education will invite student nominees to Celebration of Teaching Events where they will:
  • Hear from local K-12 teachers
  • Learn about the way teachers impact students' lives and their communities
  • Interact with student nominees, education faculty, and local district educators
  • Learn about financial aid options, job prospects in the region, and compensation packages
Thank you!