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LEVEL UP - Final EWT Course Evaluation

Attention! This survey is no longer collecting responses. It is displayed here for viewing purposes only.

Welcome to the final training evaluation!

You have participated in the training on learning guidance and workplace tutoring organised by the Level-Up project consortium. The seminars have taken place in Kilkenny, Lahti, Valencia and Frankfurt from 2017-2018.

As project partners who have developed and implemented this training series, we would love to learn what you have taken away from the seminars and how you implemented your learnings at your own workplace. We would also like to find out how the learning program can be further improved.

Thanks a lot for your participation in this impact evaluation - we really appreciate your taking the time to complete this short (and final) survey. It does not matter whether you participated in just one or all seminars!

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If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Judith Galla, internal evaluator of the Level-Up project at or your local Level-Up partner.

The protection of your personal data is of particular concern to us. All submitted data will be treated confidentially and we process your data exclusively on the basis of legal regulations such as the GDPR. The data will only be used for improving the Level-Up learning offer and for the evaluation report of the Erasmus+ project Level-Up. We will never reuse, sell, or otherwise share respondent data. Our data processing partner, Surveygizmo Inc. fulfills all GDPR complicance expectations, for further information please refer to Surveygizmo's privacy policy.