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Incentives and barriers to engaging with government institutions

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This online questionnaire aims to gather information on the incentives and barriers to engaging with government institutions in general and the MMO in particular, on marine and coastal issues. The questionnaire is aimed at researchers, be they at Universities or other research institutions. Researchers can be from any discipline that may have overlap with marine and coastal policy and management, and responses are desired from a broad range of expertise. The participant information form, which you should have received and read, outlines the research project in depth, including how the information you provide will be used. If you have not seen this form you can access it here.

Participation is voluntary and individual responses are confidential. You may choose to cease participating at any point during the survey, i.e. stop completing it. Only data from fully completed surveys will be saved. Data will be used to make recommendations and write reports/publications, but all data used will be anonymised, with any identifiable content removed. 
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