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2018-19 Jerry Awards Application

2018/19 Jerry Application

2018-19 Jerry Awards Application
This is an online form, please fill in the fields below and submit it. You will receive a copy of what you submitted via email and an email from the program coordinator will follow with further details.

Application Deadlines: (applications submitted after these deadlines are subject to program manager’s approval)
  • September 14, 2018:  Musicals taking place between July 1 and December 31, 2018.
  • December 14, 2018:  Musicals taking place between January 1 and May 5, 2019.
  • Productions taking place after May 6 will be considered for the 2019/20 Jerry Awards.
Please be advised that reviewers attending your production will be provided with a copy of this application prior to attending your production. This is your opportunity to communicate the resources available to your school, the rationale behind a particular show choice, the vision of the directors, and the special challenges faced in each unique school setting.
School & Show Information:
This question requires a valid date format of MM/DD/YYYY.
We need you to retain music books from your production until June 2019!
We obtain permission from the licensing houses for you to keep your piano/vocal, bass and percussion books until after the Jerry Awards Show in June.*
*It is possible this will result in delaying the return of your deposit until the books are sent back to the licensing house. If this is a problem, please contact Karra Beach.
5. Licensing House *This question is required.
How the Program Works & Evaluation Options:

Submitted musicals are reviewed by a team of three reviewers.  The production is critiqued based on a pre-determined rubric. Each reviewer submits a completed critique with nominations for Jerry Awards.  Reviewer comments are sent to the school.  In the May, Overture Center announces the Jerry Awards recipients based on the nominations.  As the program recognizes and honors excellence, multiple award recipients are selected in each category. Awards are distributed during an annual awards show that features performances by outstanding musical and performers.  More details on the awards show can be found on the Jerry Awards Show information page on our website.

Evaluation Option 1 ($200) - Written Critique and Nominations:
  • Written critique with nominations. 
  • Voucher for two (2) tickets to a performance at Overture Center, Marcus Center, The Grand Theater for fund-raising purposes. 
  • This is the only option for schools participating in the program for the first time
Evaluation Option 2 ($100) - Nominations ONLY:
  • This option is only available to those who have participated in the program in past years. 
  • Nominations only, no written critique. 
  • Voucher for two (2) tickets to a performance at Overture Center, Marcus Center or The Grand Theater for fund-raising purposes. 
6. Evaluation Options *This question is required.
Productions eligible for double cast status:
1. Have three, or more, lead or major supporting roles double cast
2. Provide the dates that each cast will perform (we send two different reviewing teams)
3. Pay an application fee for both casts.
7. Is your show double cast? *This question is required.
8. Do you want both casts reviewed?
We are looking into the possibility of having a student orchestra play 2-3 minutes of their show's overture at the Jerry Awards Show. If you would like your orchestra to be considered please check the box below. The selected orchestra will be announced when the Jerry Award recipients are announced in May.
To be considered for this performance:

1. The orchestra must be composed 50% with student performers.

2. You will need to keep all of your orchestra music books.

3. Make sure that your orchestra members are available for rehearsal the weekend of the Jerry Awards show and for the awards show. (See our website for tentative awards show schedule)

4. Your show must be nominated for an Outstanding Orchestra award.  (You will receive your nominations after your production is reviewed.)
8. I would like my orchestra to be considered to play at the Jerry Awards Show *This question is required.
Live Talk Back:

During a live talk back, two or three of the reviewers who saw your production return to your school after your production has closed to meet with you, your cast, crew and production team to talk about the show. It is a discussion with reviewers asking questions of your cast and crew as well as time for your cast to ask questions of the reviewers.  This additional component is dependent upon scheduling.

There is an additional $100 fee for this option.  The live talk back fee will be assessed once the talk back is scheduled - do NOT send the additional fee with your application fee.

During busy times in the season, live talk backs may not be possible due to time constraints. We will do our best to arrange talk backs for those interested but please understand that this is contingent on scheduling.
9. Are you interested in scheduling a live talk back? *This question is required.
Performance Information:

Six complimentary tickets (two for each reviewer) are needed to performance dates selected by reviewers.  Tickets should be held under the name "Jerry Awards.” Tickets will be reserved no later than two weeks before opening night.  For schools with two casts, 12 tickets will be required (three reviewers will be sent to review each cast).