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Columbia Borough Parks & Recreation Plan

Columbia Borough is committed to providing safe, accessible, and engaging parks and recreation facilities and programs.

We are currently developing a Parks & Recreation Plan for Columbia... and we're looking for community input to support the planning process.

This survey is intended to give us a comprehensive look at residents' thoughts on and wishes for parks and recreation. While most of the questions are focused on the community park facilities in the Borough (namely... Rotary, Makle, Janson, and Locust Street Parks as well as Glatfelter Field), you will see some references to water-based activities that would clearly only be suited for Columbia River Park.  That's OK... just keep in mind that our intent is to secure comprehensive input from residents. The master plans coming out of the planning effort will be for Rotary, Makle, and Janson Parks.

Please take a little time to answer these questions (some of which incorporate a good list of options to choose from... that's by design... again, we are looking for comprehensive input). There are opportunities to write in additional comments. The survey will take most people about 10 minutes. If you prefer to take the survey on paper, you can pick up a copy from the Columbia Borough Office or download it from the Borough website. 

This Survey Will Remain Open for Responses Through early Fall 2018.