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We Listened! Collaborative Development of a Newborn Screening Prenatal Fact Sheet

Presented by: Linda Bowen, Jude Williams & Marcia Fort | 11/15/2018

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Webinar Description

The 2013 supplement to the 2007 Joint Committee on Infant Hearing (JCIH) Position Statement highlights the importance of families working in partnership with professionals to address the needs of their newborns and infants. Consequently, a parent member of the NC-EHDI State Quality Improvement (QI) Team recommended that NC-EHDI develop a prenatal education tool for families containing key information about newborn hearing screening so that prior to the birth admission, families would be knowledgeable about the in-patient hearing screening process and the importance of prompt, additional testing if the infant does not pass the initial hearing screening. The QI State team, comprised of key stakeholders and two parent representatives researched materials developed by other state EHDI programs and elected to create a prenatal fact sheet that encompassed all newborn screenings being performed in N.C. including metabolic, critical congenital heart defect, and hearing screenings. The NC Newborn Screening Fact Sheet was developed in collaboration with parents, a pregnant woman, and professional partners from the NC DPH Newborn Screening Program, the NC State Laboratory and the NC DPH Women's Health Branch. This prenatal fact sheet educates families about the reasons for the different screenings, how the screenings are performed, when they can expect to receive the results, and, it provides links to additional resources. The content, language, images and layout were selected to make the document easy to understand, visually attractive, culturally sensitive and accessible for individuals at an 8th grade reading level. Realistic images showing babies having the screenings performed were used so that families would know what the screening processes look like. This presentation will discuss the importance of the collaboration of parent partners with health professionals and key stakeholders in the development of a newborn screening educational fact sheet for pregnant women and their families. 
Participants will be able to discuss the importance of engaging parents and key stakeholders in the development of EHDI educational materials 
Participants will be able to list the important components of an EHDI prenatal educational material. 
Participants will be able to describe features of accessible print materials 

Jude Williams, NC Division of Public Health, Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Program,
Jude has worked with the NC-EHDI Program for 7.5 years. Jude has her BS in Biology and MPH in Health Behavior/Health Education. 

Linda Bowen, NC Division of Public Health, EHDI Program,
Linda Bowen is a Speech Language Pathologist with the NC EHDI program, with 29 years of experience in early intervention. She began her work with NC EHDI in 2000, with the inception of Newborn Hearing Screening in North Carolina. Linda lives in eastern NC, where resources for diagnosis are limited secondary to low population density and few providers. She enjoys working to facilitate services for underserved areas of the state to ensure the best outcomes for all children and families 

Marcia Fort, NC DHHS,
Dr. Fort is the Genetics and Newborn Screening Unit Manager in the Children and Youth Branch of the North Carolina Division of Public Health and serves as the NC EHDI Coordinator. She has worked with the NC EHDI program since 2002. Dr. Fort has 29 years of experience as a pediatric audiologist in hospital, private practice, ENT office and public school settings. 

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