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Client Feedback

Thank You!

Thank you for taking this survey! It will only take about 3 minutes to complete.
1. Please tell me about you:
2. For what kind of work did you hire Felden Translations?
3. How did you find Felden Translations?
4. How easy was it to reach Felden Translations?
5. How easy was it to get an estimate on cost and time for the assignment? 
6. Was the work delivered on time?
7. Did the work fulfill your expectations?
8. Based on the quality of the work delivered, would you contract with Felden Translations for the same service again?
9. Do you feel that pricing is appropriate for the service provided?
10. Would you recommend Felden Translations to others?
12. Do you give your permission to use your comment on the Felden Translations website? (If so, you will be asked to provide your contact information below.)
Thank you! I greatly appreciate you taking the time to provide this feedback!
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