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2018 Research as Art

ESIP 2018 Research as Art Submission Form

2018 ESIP Summer Meeting Research as Art Submission Form

Once again at this year’s ESIP Summer Meeting we'll hold a Research as Art event on the evening of Tuesday, July 17 and this year the art will remain displayed throughout the rest of the week. Our goal is to encourage the ESIP community to use visual media to communicate their data and research; and to think about their research as an ongoing narrative that can be told through visual media. This event is about showing how the ESIP community uses data. You don’t need to consider yourself an artist in order to submit a piece. The idea is to have a range of entries that show the diversity of research done by members of our community, as well as their creativity and the impact of their work, in an engaging and accessible way. 

This year in addition to the general instructions, Research as Art will have a theme of 20 to recognize ESIP's 20th anniversary. This can be 20 photos or 20 people or data points. It does not have to be specifically 20 years. 

Please fill out the following form to submit your research as art to the 2018 ESIP Summer Meeting. Research as Art submission closes July 6. 

Submission Deadline and size information

Research as Art submissions will be accepted from July 6.
NOTE ON SIZE:  the artwork will be mounted on boards that are 24” by 36” and secured with binder clips.  So please (if this works for you) print your work to fit within these limits.

Other Sizes/formats: please let Erin Robinson ( know what your needs are. 

Write to if you have models, sculptures, performance art or other visual media with special requirements for display.

This question requires a valid email address.
6. Please submit a digital copy of your artwork. Typically, this will be a copy a similar size as your artwork at 72 dpi. JPEG or PNG please. 9MB max.