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2018 THBRC On-Demand Notification List

For those unable to attend the live 2018 Transplant Hepatology Board Review Course (THBRC) or for those just looking to continue their study at-home, an online version of the 2018 THBRC will be developed from the recorded audio and presentation slides and available for purchase. As AASLD is transitioning to a new online platform we are not sure the exact timing of when the product will be available but our goal is by end of August. Should you be interested in this product, please leave your contact information so we can keep you posted on the expected launch date and if there are ways we can provide any other materials in advance. 

Pricing By Registration Type
  • Member: $325
  • Trainee and Associate Member: $185
  • Nonmember: $540
  • Nonmember Trainee/Associate: $235
  • Industry: $775
1. I am planning to purchase the 2018 Transplant Hepatology Board Review Course recording as soon as it is available:
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