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World Space Week 2018 Space Selfies


World Space Week Association in coordination with Planet seeks proposals for “space selfies” during World Space Week, October 4-10, 2018.   These will be pictures taken from space of large WSW events.  These images will be taken by Planet using its 3-meter resolution satellites. 

See an example here:
The small photo at top right is from the satellite where the “Hi” can be discerned.  The larger photo is from a drone.  The photos taken during WSW 2018 will have the poorer resolution, so a VERY LARGE structure on the ground is required.   

To qualify for a WSW 2018 Space Selfie, events must meet these criteria:
  • Temporary large structure visible from space
  • Formed by many people, cars, animals, tarps, blankets, etc.
  • Structure should make an interesting shape, preferably related to space, such as a word or symbol.  A symbol related to space, World Space Week, or the 2018 theme is encouraged.
  • Must have high contrast with the background landscape
  • Size:  at least 50 x 50 meters.  Larger is better.
  • Location:  large open field
  • Date:  Any day(s) during October 4-10, 2018. 
  • Time:  Approximately 1100-1200 local time
  • Low likelihood of clouds
  • Event must be entered in the World Space Week 2018 Calendar with complete data
  • Proposer must have a media plan to promote this event

  • Submit a proposal for the WSW 2018 Space Selfie by September 1, 2018 by clicking "Next" below.
  • WSWA will seek from Planet more specific times for qualified events, and will communicate these to selected event holders.
  • In any case, you should hold your event if weather permits, since Planet satellites will take a photo of virtually all locations on Earth around 1100-1200 local time every day.   You can keep trying every day.
  • Images should be available several days after the event.