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Graduate Recruitment & Work Placement Fairs 2018 Booking Form

Please complete and submit the following to REGISTER for a place at the fair. Please await your confirmation letter.

Please indicate which date (s) you wish to attend. These are sector specific fairs, see list of courses attending.

Cost to attend: £200 + VAT (1 Fair), £300 +VAT (2 Fairs) and £400 + VAT (3 Fairs).
- No VAT charges for the Magee fair
- No charge for organisations with under 20 employees

Refreshments provided 9.00-10.00am (light lunch provided at the Magee Fair only).

The package includes:
Online fair guide listing
Direct web link to your website
5ft x 5ft space with table and 2 chairs
Power supply and WiFi
Free car parking (one vehicle)

Note: These events are not open to Recruitment Agencies, queries should be directed to Maria Curran

Please note: Cancellation can be accepted if received by email/writing before Monday 24th September 2014 but will incur a cancellation charge of £50. If you cancel after 24th September you will be charged the full booking fee.

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Other requirements

Other requirements
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Display Board
Power Socket
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