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City Services Survey

City of Morristown - Citizen Survey July 2018

The City is looking for feedback for regarding City services and this survey will be part of the City’s 2019 Budget Process.  The feedback will help the Council in making decisions moving forward.  Surveys are due back to the City office or online by July 16, 2018. And questions 1 through 9 are from the State of Minnesota Auditor.
1. Rate the overall quality of services provided by your city government *This question is required.
2. Rate the overall appearance of the city
3. Rate the quality of city recreational programs and facilities
4. Rate the safety of the community
5. Rate the quality of fire protection services in the community?
6. Rate the road conditions in the City
7. Rate the quality of snowplowing on city streets
8. Rate the dependability and quality of the city water supply
9. Rate the dependability and quality of city sanitary sewer service
10.  Would you use a fenced area for to allow you to take your dogs off the leash if the City constructed such an area?
12. How do you receive news about the City?