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Attention Consortium Retreat July 2018 - Feedback Survey

1. What is your primary role?
2. What is your home institution?
3. How well were the goals for this meeting met?
Space Cell Not at allSomewhatMostlyTo a great extent
Strengthen community among consortium members
Explore potential research collaborations
Gain a better understanding of the research being done as part of the Consortium
Enhancing our plans for recruiting and supporting trainees
Enhancing our plans for education outreach
4. Please rate how valuable you felt each of the following was:
Space Cell Not valuable at allSomewhat valuableValuableVery valuableDid not attend
Attention Model Walkaround (Fri)
Understanding Complex Data (Fri)
Neurotechnology (Fri)
Women’s Conf Recap Fri)
Education Outreach (Fri)
Modeling Group Discussion (Sat)
Scientific Breakouts (Fri-Sat)
Planning sessions (Sun)
Informal networking
The retreat overall
6. As a result of the retreat activities:
Space Cell Strongly disagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly agree
I have new ideas that will significantly affect my own research plans
I have specific plans for participating in future collaboration
I better understand the non-research goals of the consortium
I am more likely to directly contact a consortium colleague at another campus
I am excited about the future of the consortium
7. What, if anything, most excites you about the future of the Attention Consortium?