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2018 Corteva CASE Implementation Grant Application

  2018 Corteva Agriscience (TM)
Agriculture Division of DowDuPont

CASE Implementation Grant Application
(CASE Institute details may be found at

Grant Program Guidelines and Information
  1. To be eligible for these grants, each applicant must be an agriculture teacher who is employed to teach at least one CASE course in a school in the fall of 2019 OR actively seeking employment as an agriculture teacher beginning in the summer or fall of 2019 in a school where CASE courses will be taught. University programs offering CASE pre-service certification are also invited to complete this grant application.
  2. Each applicant must prepare an application and supporting documents and submit the complete package during the course of this application. The deadline is October 31, 2018, however grants will be awarded after review of qualifications until all available grants have been awarded.
  3. The grant applications will be evaluated by Corteva staff. Applicants selected to receive grants will be notified by December 2018; unsuccessful applicants will also be notified.
  4. Successful applicants will receive a grant to participate in a CASE Institute of their choice or purchase supplies, equipment, textbooks, and software for CASE implementation. Grants will be awarded up to the maximum amount of $5,000 for high school programs and up to $7,500 for university programs.
  5. Questions may be directed to CASE by sending an e-mail to Miranda Chaplin at, or by calling (859) 257-2224 or (800) 509-0204.
  6. Each application submitted must include the following:
    • a grant budget including the estimated registration fee for the CASE course you wish to attend and/or supplies, equipment, textbooks, and software for CASE implementation.
    • narrative (approximately 500 words) detailing the grant's potential impact on students, agricultural education program, school, teacher, and/or community; and
    • letter of support from a program supporter such as an administrator, local ag industry leader, advisory council member, or parent of a currently enrolled student indicating the commitment to the CASE initiative

Corteva Agriscience (TM), Agriculture Division of DowDuPont (TM), generously sponsored the CASE Implementation Grants for agriculture teachers and university programs offering pre-service CASE certifications. We are grateful for their continued support.


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Are you prepared to submit all documents as outlined in the above description? Please note that you will not be able to save partial progress. All documents must be ready for submission at the time of application. *This question is required.