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2018 Focus Group: Gender, Sexual Diversity & Freedom of Expression

IFEX is a global network of over 100 non-governmental organisations in more than 60 countries working to defend and promote the right to freedom of expression and information.

We are seeking feedback on our content about gender, sexual diversity, and freedom of expression.

Thank you for your time, we really appreciate it.

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Before answering any questions, you'll need to read at least three of the following four articles:

1. Gender and human rights in the digital age: Tech can be your best ally or worst enemy (June 2018)
Joana Varon, director of Coding Rights, discusses her bold and innovative approach to defending human rights.

2. The Hamdam App: Breaking taboos and empowering Iranian women (October 2017)
Talking about women’s bodies in Iran remains taboo. But a new app, the brainchild of queer feminist Soudeh Rad, offers Iranian women a way to have more control over their sexual health...and their rights. It has been downloaded over 165,000 times since it was launched.

3. Turning the tide for LGBTQI+ rights in Kenya (March 2017)
IFEX interviews lawyer Eric Gitari to learn more about the human impact of Kenya's anti-homosexuality legislation, the complexities of legal activism, and the impact his NGO's work could have on other countries.

4. Turning stigma into strength: Caddy Adzuba (October 2016)
Despite receiving death threats, journalist Caddy Adzuba continues her taboo-breaking work campaigning for the DRC's female rape victims, who number in the hundreds of thousands.

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