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2018 Burning Man Law Enforcement Feedback Form

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The Burning Man organization is interested in the interactions that occur between participants and law enforcement officials patrolling the Burning Man event. This information is useful in Burning Man’s discussions with agency representatives. To share the experience of your interaction, please complete this online form or fill out the pdf on the Burning Man website. Burning Man is interested in learning about both positive and negative interactions — in fact, positive feedback can help build better relationships with law enforcement agencies at our event.

Please note that Burning Man cannot represent you in any criminal or administrative proceedings. Nor can Burning Man intervene on your behalf about any criminal or administrative incidents. For legal advice, you should consult with an attorney. Burning Man respects your privacy rights and will not disclose any participant names or contact information reported on this form except with your permission or as required by law. Burning Man may choose to discuss your feedback  without using your name  with law enforcement representatives. If that is the case, your identity may become apparent based on the unique characteristics of your incident.

Burning Man is only interested in eyewitness accounts. Please refrain from reporting rumors and hearsay. Also, please be aware that FEDERAL, STATE AND LOCAL LAWS STILL APPLY IN BLACK ROCK CITY, AND YOU MAY BE CITED, ARRESTED OR DETAINED FOR VIOLATING THESE LAWS.