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Dear members of NTCA and the larger TB community,

As many of you know, this September there is an historic opportunity for the TB community.  On September 26, 2018, there is a United Nations High-level Meeting on Tuberculosis (UN-HLM), the first such meeting ever conducted for TB.

NTCA is working with other TB partners to ensure that the United States is seen as more than a donor country; we want to have the challenges and resource constraints which we face as a low-burden TB country to also be recognized. To this end, a letter has been developed to introduce the US-based TB needs to Ambassador Nikki Haley.  This letter is written to provide  education about TB in the US but also to underscore the importance of the US mission having strong leadership during these talks. 
The letter to Ambassador Haley is copied below. We ask that you read it and consider adding your name to what we hope will be a large and diverse list from the TB community.  We anticipate that many of you will need to seek approval to add your individual name (and/or your organization’s name), so please start that process now. 

Once you are ready to indicate that your name can be added to the letter, please sign online using the form below. To sign the letter, please complete the required fields below by August 17, 2018. Upon submitting your signature, you will receive an email confirming that you signed.  In addition, all signers will receive an email with a copy of the letter with a complete list of the signatories.
Thank you for your willingness to consider our request.  We hope to have a very strong showing of support from the TB community.
In partnership,
Diana Fortune, RN, BSN
National TB Controllers Association
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