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Civic Engagement Fellowship Application

Civic Engagement Fellowship Application

Cities United’s Civic Engagement Fellowship is a 24-month experience that will serve as a catalyst to changing the landscape for local civic engagement, participation and leadership.  Investing in the leadership that our communities need, this fellowship is designed for young Black men, age 22-26 who are committed to developing their leadership and serve their city through civic engagement and community driven initiatives. These young men must be currently involved with or have previous encounters with the criminal justice system, who have been convicted of a misdemeanor charge(s) or low class felonies. Each application will be evaluated case by case.

The goal of the fellowship is to position young Black men in civic leadership or public servant positions where they can help disrupt the effects of poverty through accessing workforce, housing and quality education, resulting in reduced involvement with the criminal justice system and breaking barriers to basic human needs at the individual level leading to systems level change.

While serving as a vehicle to increase the life outcomes of young Black men and boys ages 22-26 the fellowship is designed to:

  • Address and help process trauma of the black male experience
  • Strengthen and build personal and professional skills through coaching and mentoring
  • Understand the power of personal network building through community organizing
  • Increase civic engagement and grow leadership skills
  • Change the narrative for black men and boys
  • Advocate for policy change and create systems change agenda
  • Connect to opportunities, networks and resources needed to build wealth

Are you ready to lead and give back to your community?

Complete the application below and a fellowship coordinator will follow up with you about your interest in the fellowship.  If you need assistance completing the application please contact:

Lexington: Larry Johnson (859) 258-3943
Louisville:  Amber Burns-Jones (502) 381-9671

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