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GovGrader Survey 2018

Welcome to the HSC GovGrader, a survey that captures nonprofit staff perspectives on government procurement and contracting management processes. Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences. This tool helps us advocate for improvements in the contracting process.

Organizations should designate specific staff members familiar with, and responsible for managing, the organization’s government contracts, including contract managers, finance staff, program directors, and executives, to rate City and/or State agency performance. Email addresses from each respondent are required so that we can verify their connection to a nonprofit organization.

Each respondent can rate multiple agency programs at the same time. To reduce coordination burdens, multiple responses from each organization will be accepted this year. 

The survey does not need to be completed in one sitting; please take advantage of the save/exit function and use the printable pdf if helpful. It can also be filled out multiple times. You can, for example, rate one set of programs one day and a different set at a later date.

We have made every effort to keep this survey simple. It should take approximately 30 minutes to complete depending on the number of programs/agencies you choose to rate at one time.  

Responses should be based on Fiscal Year 2018 experiences. The survey may include questions you cannot answer. Please feel free to use the Don't Know or N/A option as needed.

The survey responses are anonymous. No individual respondents or responding organizations will be identified. To ensure respondent privacy and accountability, HSC will know but not identify participating users or their nonprofit organizations by name.

Click here for a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Any individual who fills out this survey before August 20, 2018 will be automatically entered to win one of five $10 Starbucks gift cards!

If you have any questions or if you experience any difficulties with the survey, please contact Jason Wu at