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Client Feedback


Thank you for hiring Acadia Property Mgt. this year.  Your feedback in this very brief survey would be most appreciated.  My goal is to provide a meaningfully unique business model in property management.  I hope you feel a sense of relief and trust in knowing the job will be done and done well by a professional organization of individuals who are always approaching your property with your best interest in mind.  Thank you for your honest feedback.
1. Please check the boxes next to the services used to date
2. Based upon your most recent experience, how likely would you be to refer a family member, friend, or colleague to Acadia Property Management in the future?  *This question is required.
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3. Please rate the following attributes
Space Cell Responsive to your requestsAlways considers your best interestsFollows thruQuality of workNeat and orrganizedPricing is competitive to the marketIf a sub-contractor was involved, how satisfied were you with their involvementOverall value
4. What structure would you find to be the most valuable to your current needs?:
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