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Supply Chain Maturity Scan_2018



The goal of this Supply chain maturity survey is to gain insight in the overall condition of supply chains in different industries. Companies in Belgium, France and the Netherlands, in the pharmaceutical, food & beverages and chemicals sector have already participated in this survey.

The responses to this survey are used to draw a Supply chain maturity map for different industries in terms of organization, processes, performance and tools. After you have filled out this Supply chain maturity survey, you will be provided with the results of the survey, including an overview of how you score in comparison to other companies within your sector. Please fill out your email adress later in this survey in case you want to receive your personalized results.

Obviously we will treat your responses confidentially. Only you will be able to see your individual response and results. To others we only communicate aggregate results per sector.

The survey shouldn't take more than 10 minutes of your time.

Thanks in advance!

For further questions or remarks feel free to contact us.