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Calling all innovation educators

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Privacy Notice

The information you provide in this survey will be used to inform Nesta’s research into programmes that aim to increase participation in innovation.

The purpose of this research is to develop a useful resource for innovation and education policymakers and practitioners that can be used to develop future programmes and inform further research and policy.

If your programme is particularly relevant to our research, we will use the email address provided to contact you for the purpose of follow up questions that we may wish to ask. We have contracted the education consultancy AlphaPlus to carry out the research, and we will share the information provided by you with them, and they may also contact you to follow up the survey. For more information see 

Information that you provide as part of the survey, and as a result of any follow up questions or interview conducted with you about programmes, along with any publicly available information about your organisation, may be included in the database of programmes that we are developing and may be published on the Nesta website in September 2018. The database will not include your email address or any other Personal Data.

Please see Nesta’s privacy policy for more details on how we use your data.