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Pollinator Habitat Survey

                                                                                    Pollinator Habitat Survey

To help us determine how park and recreation agencies are currently helping pollinators through habitat creation and enhancements, please fill out this quick survey.   NRPA has been part of the National Pollinator Garden Network and helped launch the  Million Pollinator Garden Challenge .  The effort is closing in on the million pollinator habitat garden goal. We want to make sure your efforts are counted and recognized.   In fact, your information could play a significant role in reaching and surpassing this goal!
Please keep in mind that we would like you to answer these questions with what has been developed or enhanced to support pollinator habitat, in any way, in the past 3 years.    Any site can be counted that uses responsible integrated management practices regarding pest control.

The information you provide will be shared with the National Pollinator Garden Network to be counted towards their goal.  Your total number of sites will be recognized under the name of your agency.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Michele White,  

We greatly appreciate your help in working to protect pollinators and educating others on their importance.

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2. Identify how many sites of each type of pollinator habitat located in your agency that has been either established or enhanced in the past three years: *This question is required.
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