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ARCS Scholarship

ARCS Foundation Scholarship

ARCS® Foundation, Inc. is a national organization dedicated to supporting the best and brightest U.S. graduate and undergraduate scholars by providing financial awards in science, engineering and medical research.

ARCS is offering Mines students ten (10) $6,500 scholarships to Mines students.

Scholarship Criteria:
  • Undergraduate Student (sophomore, junior, senior)
  • Graduate Student
  • Enrolled full-time the entire 2020-2021 academic year. 
  • Must be in the fields of natural sciences, engineering, or mathematics 
  • 3.5GPA
  • US Citizen 
  • Financial Need (FAFSA on file with Financial Aid)
Application closes: 09/06/20at 11:59pm

For questions email Donny Boulanger
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