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2019 LI Planning Survey

2019 LI Planning Survey

2. Where does your chapter focus its efforts? Select all that apply.
3. Please select each of the services that your chapter provides to members:

Every IABC chapter is unique, based on its history, size, leadership, geographic location and more. What are some of the challenges your chapter is facing currently?

Please select up to three. You may leave comments if you select the "other" category.


Please tell us about the volunteer opportunities offered by your chapter?  Check all that apply.

7. Which, if any of these would make your life easier as a chapter leader? Please select up to 2.
8. How many networking events and professional development events does your chapter host annually?
Space Cell Networking EventsProfessional Development Events
9. How many non-members does your chapter serve annually?
10. Over the past year has your chapter:
11. Does your chapter board participate in any of the following?
12. Will your chapter participate in the Chapter Management Awards this year?
14. Is your chapter sending a board member to the 2019 Leadership Institute in February?
16. What social media channels does your chapter actively use?
17. Number of years in the communication profession?
18. How long have you been in a volunteer role for IABC?
20. How aware are you of the following chapter resources? (Rate each as very familiar, familiar, somewhat familiar, not familiar)
Space Cell Very familiarSomewhat familiarNot familiar
Chapter visit program
Career roadmap
Global standard
Leadership Institute
Chapter Management Awards (CMA) winning samples
Leader Letter
Leader Centre
Your region/ regional leaders
Additional resources on
22. Continuing to think about your personal experiences as a chapter leader, using a scale of one to five, please rate your personal leadership experience.
24. On average, how much time do you give to your IABC role each month? (We are grateful!)
25. Which, if any, have you attended within the last three years?
26. In the future, I would consider putting myself forward to serve on: