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River Bottoms Choices


The Spanish Fork River Bottoms Vision is a 12-month initiative that engages the public and stakeholders to define a shared vision for the future of the River Bottoms. As part of this initiative, the public will provide input in creating a framework to guide the preservation, enhancement, and responsible growth of the River Bottoms.

We are looking to you for important feedback on the draft Vision and Big Ideas for the River Bottoms.  We encourage you to review the Spanish Fork River Bottoms Vision Document at this link for background information before you begin this survey.

Part 1: Vision
The Vision is based on the concept of common values, or those values that are broadly supported and agreed upon. The first phase of the River Bottoms Vision began with listening to the community. A successful plan is values-based, vision-driven, and outcome-oriented. The community shared their values through an online visioning survey, stakeholder interviews, and the visioning social event at the Fairgrounds.  

Part 2: Big Ideas
Using the community’s vision, shared values, and supporting data as a basis, a series of 7 Big Ideas are presented. The Big Ideas are intended to translate public input into tangible futures. No path has been decided, making this the perfect time to widen our decision space and think big. 
Thank you for your time and effort.

Your responses are invaluable to this process! Let's get started!

Survey closes September 21st