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HSS Orthopedic Knowledge Exchange Program (China)

Welcome to the HSS Orthopedic Knowledge Exchange Program (China) Application Portal

Prior to beginning your application, please review the necessary applicant criteria for eligibility below:
  • High level of English proficiency
  • Demonstrated leadership potential
  • Bachelor's Degree or Higher with 3 years related experience for Rehabilitation Service
  • At least 10 years of medical training for all other services and Research Fellowship
If you meet the above criteria, please choose the application for the program you are interested in: *This question is required.
What specialty are you interested in observing during your educational exchange?
Additionally, please gather the following materials together (in a digital format):
   For the Orthopaedic Observation and/or Research Fellowship Programs:
  • Medical school diploma
  • Medical license
   For the Rehabilitation Observation Program:
  • Graduate/Undergraduate school diploma
   For all Programs:
  • CV
  • Two recommendation letters on official letterhead with signatures
  • Two Personal Statements on the following topics:
    • describe the areas of your special interest in orthopaedics and your future career plans
    • describe what sets you apart as a candidate and how you to plan to use the knowledge gained from this exchange program on your return home
  • Recent DIGITAL photo (Passport Size; 2"x2")
After gathering your materials and selecting your program of interest above, please click "Next" below.