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HSS-China Orthopaedic Education Exchange

Welcome to the HSS-China Orthopaedic Education Exchange Application Portal

Prior to beginning your application, please review the necessary applicant criteria for eligibility below:
  • High level of English proficiency
  • Demonstrated leadership potential
  • Bachelor's Degree or Higher with 3 years related experience for Rehabilitation Service
  • At least 10 years of medical training for all other services and Research Fellowship
If you meet the above criteria, please choose the application for the program you are interested in: *This question is required.
What specialty are you interested in observing during your educational exchange?
Additionally, please gather the following materials together (in a digital format):
   For the Orthopaedic Observation and/or Research Fellowship Programs:
  • Medical school diploma
  • Medical license
   For the Rehabilitation Observation Program:
  • Graduate/Undergraduate school diploma
   For all Programs:
  • CV
  • Two recommendation letters on official letterhead with signatures
  • Two Personal Statements on the following topics:
    • describe the areas of your special interest in orthopaedics and your future career plans
    • describe what sets you apart as a candidate and how you to plan to use the knowledge gained from this exchange program on your return home
  • Recent DIGITAL photo (Passport Size; 2"x2")
After gathering your materials and selecting your program of interest above, please click "Next" below.