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Relay Student Affairs Support Request

Welcome to Student Affairs!

Thank you for reaching out to the Office of Student Affairs.  We are eager to help and support you as you work to do the same for your students. Please take a few minutes to tell us below how we can best serve you today.
3. What is your role at Relay? *This question is required.
4. How can we support you? *This question is required.
If this is an emergency, please reach out immediately to the Dean of Student Affairs at (862) 250-5915.

Did a student allegedly commit an act of violence or threaten violence? Did a student initiate or threaten litigation? If yes, to either of the aforementioned, send a high importance email to the Vice Provost of Student Affairs and Services, Nichelle Bowes (; and General Counsel Peter Kauffman ( Someone will respond to you promptly.