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Introduction to the 2018 FairFuelUK Survey

For way too long, your views have been ignored by successive governments and our elected decision makers.  The media too, seems to cover driving issues, according to many of our supporters, less than fairly.

Drivers are seen by local authorities and the
Treasury, purely as cash cows. 

This must change! And you can help to make that change.

What is also worrying, the majority of the many UK driver associations seem to be very tentative in challenging the Government head on...FairFuelUK is not!  So, if you are concerned about any of the key driving and motoring issues, this survey is an absolute must for you to take part.  Those key headline issues can be viewed here.

Without your input and many thousands of others, we will not be able to fight on behalf of 37m UK drivers in Westminster with the same degree of success we've had to date.

If it were not for the FairFuelUK Campaign and its supporters, you would be now paying 20-25p per litre more at the pumps. Since 2010, FairFuelUK has saved drivers over £100bn in the Treasury's planned tax hikes, in duty and VAT, through constructive and objective campaigning.

That battle for a real cut in duty continues, but there's now an additional focus.
That is, to stop the Government's and local authorities' impending driving restrictions and unnecessary tax hikes based on a good intentioned but a very flawed 'green' agenda.

These include new taxes and bans on drivers entering our major cities and potentially adding more costs on drivers by the Treasury. These are new taxes that will not improve air quality, but simply hit consumers and the economy.

There are ways to improve air quality without hitting consumers' pockets. These practical solutions are being ignored by the politicos, with them continuing to favour hitting drivers in the pocket.

……So, please take 10-15 minutes of your valuable time to complete this poll. It has a lot of issues to comment on, but we guarantee it will be worth your time and effort.

Those who have already completed the survey, say how easy it is to answer the questions, as most answers need just a single click with quick and easy interactions. Very few typed responses are required. The SurveyGizmo quality scores below show that you will enjoy completing the poll.  You can even save your responses at any stage in the poll to come back and complete it exactly where you left off.

The final consolidated results of this survey, with all your personal contact details completely removed, will be shown to every MP, all salient media and relevant ministers including the Prime Minister. 

Our poll uses the highly professional market research tool from SurveyGizmo to ensure a trouble-free completion of your answers. They are bound to our Privacy Policy too.

FairFuelUK Privacy Policy

Many, many thanks for your time, patience and your vital input into helping us get a better deal for 37m UK drivers and road users.

We hope you enjoy completing the survey. Your inputs will make a huge difference.

Howard Cox & Quentin Willson

FairFuelUK Campaign

Twitter: @fairfueluk

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