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Chapter Website Content Collection



As a national initiative, NABA is creating standardized websites for all NABA professional
chapters in an effort to build brand consistency across all layers of the association. The NABA HQ team will be able to make global updates to the content that is common to all the websites (syndication), while granting administrative privileges to each chapter to customize areas that are specific to their chapter, like chapter leadership changes, new programs, local events, sponsorship opportunities, etc. (chapter control). The NABA HQ team will be responsible for the initial site builds using the information provided by chapters through this content collection form. Should you have any questions about the content being requested, please contact Darell Scott, Manager, Communications at (240) 630-3563 or or Shaun Lane, Director, Communications at (240) 542-5008 or


Designate ONE person to complete this form. We recommend you build all of the content in a Word document as a back-up.

Save and Continue - If you need to continue uploading your chapter content at a later time, click on the "Save and continue later" button in the upper right corner of the survey page.

You DO NOT need to re-create the wheel!  Many of the chapter overview descriptions on the sample chapter website page links may be re-purposed for your chapter pages. You can edit the language to fit YOUR chapter by simply changing the chapter name and other key descriptors in the copy and pasting it into the upload box. 

Do you want to keep the copy that is on your current website's page? can simply copy the text from your current website and paste it into the appropriate content box in the form. NOTE: you may need to make additional edits to stay within the word count limits for the new site - please do not provide a link to the related page on your current website to substitute for the cut and paste content requested. 

If you do not have existing content for a particular section and do not need to have that particular section on your new chapter site, put N/A in the survey field.