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Volunteer Service Team Application (New Applicants)

Volunteer Service Team Application (New Applicants)

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of Alpha Gamma Delta's Volunteer Service Team (VST)! International Headquarters staff members review all applications and verifies the Good Standing status of each applicant before passing them along to the appropriate volunteer team for review. Volunteer teams then submit all recommendations to International Council. All volunteers are approved and appointed by International Council.

To learn more about the application and process, please see the application guide here. Although you are not required to, it is highly recommended for new applicants to have references (members or non-members of Alpha Gamma Delta). You can access the recommendation form here to share with your references. Below you will be prompted to upload your recommendation form(s). If your references prefer, they can submit the recommendation form directly to us at


The VST is organized to serve our Alpha Gamma Delta members and organizations.  The team provides support to our collegiate chapters, alumnae chapters and clubs, junior circles, house associations and general alumnae membership. As the major venue through which the Fraternity gains members, instills values and inspires life-long commitment, the VST ensures continuous growth and development for the future success of the Fraternity.

Volunteer Service Team Competencies:

We are grateful for the valuable skills and expertise that so many sisters willingly share with the Fraternity. Our hope is that all of our volunteers will have an equally meaningful experience. A large part of making that hope a reality is being able to provide our volunteers with expectations, feedback and opportunities to grow their leadership potential. The following areas identify the knowledge, skills, behaviors and characteristics of successful Volunteer Service Team members.

  • Responsibility/Personal Effectiveness: Performs responsibilities in a way consistent with Alpha Gamma Delta’s values and principles and performs them to the highest possible standard in order to create an inclusive, diverse, respectful and accountable experience. Takes responsibility and ownership for own decisions, actions and results and acts in an ethical way. Communicates ideas and information confidently and effectively, both verbally and in writing, using appropriate language and a style of communication that is relevant to the situation and people being addressed.
  • Teamwork/Relationship Building: Demonstrates ability to develop, maintain and strengthen relationships with others who can provide information, assistance and support to meet mutual goals and objectives. Able to gracefully provide and receive feedback. Develops loyal and trustworthy relationships inside and outside the team to achieve common goals. Actively helps and supports others. Acknowledges conflict and effectively manages individual and group interactions to lead to resolution.
  • Leadership/Coaching: Leads by example and is a role model to others. Encourages, motivates and stimulates others to perform at their best. Understands the importance of coaching and finds passion in developing others. Facilitates effectively by empowering volunteers, advisors and officers to practice accountability and decision making.
  • Critical Thinking/Problem Solving: Demonstrates ability to make timely, informed decisions that take into account the facts, goals, constraints and risks; able to identify contributing factors to situations and to pull out patterns; perceives the impact and implications of decisions. Demonstrates a willingness to modify one's behavior to new information or changing circumstances; ability to evaluate diverse ideas and consider alternatives then willingness to adjust effectively to limited structure and new cultures.
  • Growth/Change Management: Ability to manage, lead and enable the process of change and transition while helping others adapt to new experiences, embrace lifelong learning and clarify values. Ability to build on previous experience in order to cultivate skills and newfound expertise.

Requirements and Expectations:

Please consult Alpha Gamma Delta's website for more information on the appointment process and job descriptions which contain a full listing of responsibilities, expectations and qualifications. Some minimum requirements include:

  • Alumna member in Good Standing of Alpha Gamma Delta Fraternity
  • Uphold the standards of Alpha Gamma Delta Fraternity and perform duties in compliance with appropriate Fraternity policies and procedures and the Alpha Gamma Delta Constitution and Standing Rules
  • Exemplify the values and standards of Alpha Gamma Delta Fraternity in both written and oral communication
  • Respond daily to inquiries in a prompt and caring manner
  • Communicate and collaborate with all levels of Fraternity management—volunteer and staff
  • Support the Fraternity through the annual payment of your Alumnae Dues
  • Support the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation through an annual gift of any size

Qualifications for Volunteer Service in Alpha Gamma Delta:

  • Possess strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Have the access and ability to use computer software to communicate and prepare documents (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Reader)
  • Ensure that projects within areas of responsibility are completed in a timely manner
  • Possess the ability to proactively and persistently handle situations and issues, seizing opportunities that arise
  • Identify contributing factors to situations and to extract patterns
  • Anticipate the impact and implications of decisions
  • Coach and support others
  • Develop strong working relationships within and outside assigned team to achieve common goals
  • Model consistent high standards of performance, honesty, inclusivity and truthfulness
  • Manage, lead and enable the process of change and transition while helping others adjust to these effects

Learning Outcomes:

With the above competencies in mind and our desire to support our members in their continued development, volunteers will have the opportunity to develop transferable skills in the following areas:

  • Assembling and participating in virtual teams
  • Consulting and coaching in a multigenerational environment
  • Identifying inconsistencies and/or patterns in information and effectively using resources to resolve issues
  • Guiding the performance and development of others
  • Facilitating groups of stakeholders through problem solving or change processes
  • Using organizational values, professional standards and established policies and procedures in decision-making
  • Generating commitment and enthusiasm from others to set and achieve challenging objectives
  • Facilitating difficult conversations with others by giving honest and timely feedback
  • Developing relationships through mutual trust and commitment to a common vision