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Jabro Teacher Contest

Jabro Rug Giveaway

Welcome to the voting page! Voting is simple. Fill in your full name and email address and simply select which teacher you wish to vote for. You can only vote once. Duplicate votes will not be counted. Voting will remain open until August 19th with winners announced on August 21st. 
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3. Select Which Teacher You Wish To Vote For *This question is required.
In order to be eligible to win a rug, you must be a certified teacher at a school district. In the event of a tie for the 10th spot, the teacher who received their final vote first will win the 10th spot. Once the winners are announced, those teachers will have 10 days to pick up their rug at our store located at 13460 Northline Rd, Southgate, MI 48195. If they do not pick up their rug within 10 days, the next teacher with the highest votes will be awarded the rug.