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Hinesburg Town Forest - Understanding Use


The Hinesburg Town Forest is a beloved community resource. In planning for the forest's future, understanding current use is essential. Trail counts have provided a quantitative understanding of use. This survey, with your input, is intended to provide the qualitative understanding. It asks for your ideas and views around use and future management of the Hinesburg Town Forest based on the US Forest Service's Recreation Opportunity Spectrum (ROS). ROS is a framework for managing recreation opportunities based on the natural settings, social interactions, and recreational experiences. Research has shown that people choose a specific setting to recreate based on a desired set of experiences. For example, hiking in a large, undeveloped setting with difficult access and few facilities offers a sense of solitude, challenge, and self-reliance. In contrast, hiking in a setting having easy access and highly developed facilities offers more comfort, security, and social opportunities. This survey uses these concepts to explore your current and desired recreational experiences in the Hinesburg Town Forest.

Thank you for taking the time to provide your input!