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SoACE | Call for Board Nominations, 2019 - 2020 Membership Year

The SoACE Call for Nominations is conducted electronically to provide SoACE members a convenient method for nominating qualified persons for positions on the Board of Directors.

We are seeking nominations from current SoACE membership for key leadership positions, with terms beginning on July 1, 2019.

Nominations will be accepted until October 5, 2018.

Upon the close of the nominations period, the Nominations Committee will review submissions and submit a recommended slate of board member candidates to the SoACE Board of Directors. Upon approval by the SoACE Board, the slate will be presented to the general membership for consideration during the Annual Business Meeting at the 2018 conference. A call for additional candidate nominations will also entertained at the business meeting. SoACE members eligible to vote will receive an electronic notification and instructions on casting their vote following the 2018 conference. 

On the following pages, there is a section for the Nominator's information, and information pertaining to Board of Director positions for which nominations are being sought. Following each description, there is space to enter nomination information. Please ensure that you include all information in support of the nomination to ensure the Nominations Committee is aware of the nominee's experience and involvement relevant to the position for which he/she is being nominated.

The SoACE Officer Nominations Committee is comprised of the following members:

Ray Rogers, St. Edwards University (SoACE Past President)
Mark Colvenbach, University of Tampa (SoACE President)
Charlie Wilder, Mississippi State University (SoACE President Elect)
Bridget Baggett, Morehouse College
Jessina Morales, Enterprise Holdings
Corinne Earle, cmcglobal