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The Business MRI

The Business MRI
Expanded Edition
From GlobalCEO Solutions LLC parent company to
CEO Focus MD/DC, the National Association of Business Owners & Entrepreneurs (NABOE) and GlobalCEO Boardroom

What is this survey all about? Good question. Simply put, The Business MRI Assessment is a view into your company's soul, what makes it tick - what is skyrocketing your successes and what is holding you back. Forty years of hands-on experience and significant research into business processes, valuation and long-term success has gone into producing the The Business MRI methodology.

It is simply the most efficient, real-time way to diagnose strengths and weaknesses of your company and to provide you and your company a personal guide to where you should focus your energies. We help business owners
uncover possible issues impacting revenue growth, profitability, operational performance and a host of other critical factors influencing company health. And . . . we do it quickly and inexpensively.

This particular diagnostic provides insight to the core roles of your business: Customers - Brand - Processes - Staff - Communications and will take about 10 to 15 minutes of your time. With your small investment of time, we will provide benchmarks of where you stand with your peer group businesses as well as giving you a clear vision of what can be improved to enhance your company's performance, uncover misalignment of staff to Vision and Mission and to alert you to critical functions that need immediate attention.


Try to be as HONEST as you possibly can! We know it may feel embarrassing to answer questions with we "don't do it" or "we do it poorly." Don't worry, this test is just the first step in performance enhancing your firm and HONEST answers will go a long way to uncover areas that need the most attention.

About CEO Focus, GlobalCEO Solutions LLC and the GlobalCEO companies: Our bottom line is that we help companies excel. We’re a strategic ally for the business owner who can count on us to apply the right combination of insights, ideas and inspiration to deliver better paths to growth.  

Trademark and Copyright (c) 2017, 2019 GlobalCEO SOLUTIONS LLC, All Rights Reserved. This copyright covers the terms: The Business MRI, Business MRI,  8 Pillars, 8 Pillar Methodology, 8 Pillars of Business Success, 8 Pillar Advisors, 8 Pillar Assessment and related usages of the term Business MRI referring to business advisory and analysis. In addition, The Business MRI: Brand, Customers, Processes, Employees and Communications are covered by this copyright in part and in total. This diagnostic uses a proven methodology for efficiently identifying Operational issues and is a copyrighted process that cannot be duplicated in part or in whole without the expressed written agreement of GlobalCEO SOLUTIONS LLC.
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