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Menopause Insights


Welcome and Thank You.
Dear friend,

We are conducting research about the the chapter of life usually marked by menopause or hysterectomy. 

We appreciate your completing the survey, ESPECIALLY your insights about the emotional and spiritual aspects of your experience. Your answers are important and will be helpful to other women around the world.  The survey is CONFIDENTIAL and anonymous unless you identify yourself to be contacted.  It will take about 25 minutes to complete.  Your time is GREATLY appreciated.  To date we have NOT found a comprehensive study of women like this survey.

If you are willing to share more about your experience going through menopause, please provide your contact information at the end of the survey, your answers will still remain confidential

We would also like to ask you to please share the link to this survey with other women so we can obtain richer insights into this universal experience that all women share.
  Here is the link to copy and paste:  

Sharon and Dev