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Legacy Wealth Martha's Vineyard '18


Can Legacy Wealth Be Achieved Through An Independent School Education?

‘Transformative’ best describes RIISE Martha’s Vineyard 2018 events. We gathered on New England’s most beautiful island, afterall (Big thanks to Riverdale, Horace Mann & Westover for strong support and investment). Dr. Pamela Jolly lead Brunch & Beach: Legacy Wealth MV, by asking families to go beyond perceived notions of academic success to expand the dimensions of their perspectives with legacy wealth through their investment in an independent school. It is imperative that we pass the torch (think of that torch as the tool that furthers your family’s legacy) for generations to come as we access academic excellence and design specific ways our families can apply it.

Legacy is a narrative that did not begin with you and will not end with you as long as you prioritize “passing your torch”.
-Dr. Pamela Jolly, Torch Enterprises


Let’s start with the facts:

  • Financing an independent education for your child will require a big investment (including money, but also your time and support, if all the benefits will be reaped).
  • Without a doubt, as an independent school learner, your child will experience ultimate academic success with opportunities that ensure bright future prospects. 

Along with an increase in intellectual capital, have you considered how it will increase your child’s (and, your family’s for that matter) human, cultural, social, and financial capital? All together, this is legacy wealth.

The Journey Forward: Academic Year 2018-19

It is hard to see the whole picture when you’re posing for it -Bessie Pearl Horne, Dr. Jolly’s grandmother

This year, as we navigate independent school education, we aim to embark upon a journey that ensures our legacies lead to wealth. The statistics show that for the first time ever the generation we are raising is slated to not experience the financial success that their parents knew.  Furthermore, some statistics suggests the lifespan of our youth may not be as long as their parents. Will you join us on the journey to explore the ways we might continue to chart a path toward a wealth-increasing legacy? Start here to begin to explore your family’s legacy wealth perspective.