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Chorus America Survey


Welcome to the Chorus Impact Survey – we are grateful for your participation!

Thank you for participating in this survey, conducted by an independent research organization on behalf of Chorus America, the leadership organization that advances the choral field. The survey consists of about 50 questions and should take you approximately 18 minutes to complete.  Your responses will provide information about the impact of choral singing and help Chorus America better serve choruses and their communities. Thank you again for your time.

A Note about the Content of the Survey: The Chorus Impact Survey explores personal characteristics of choral singers, such as level of civic engagement, likeliness to be philanthropic, and openness and adaptability. You may find some of the survey questions surprising. Please know that we have vetted them carefully, and that they will add important dimension to our data about choral singers. All responses will be kept private and anonymous, reviewed and reported on in aggregate only.

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