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STAR Health Request for Information (RFI)

STAR Health Request for Information (RFI)

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) seeks input from stakeholders on their experiences with the STAR Health Program and suggestions for future programmatic improvements and administration of the program.

This RFI provides a means for stakeholders and subject matter experts (e.g., caregivers, Texas Department of Family and Protective Services case workers and staff, families, providers, etc.) to share experiences, ideas, and recommendations on:
  1. Access to care;
  2. STAR Health Provider Network;
  3. Behavioral Health Services;
  4. Care Coordination;
  5. communication with STAR Health MCO;
  6. support for Kinship Caregivers;
  7. home and Community-Based Services;
  8. assessment process for children;
  9. Pre-Appeal process for Providers;
  10. escalation and Complaint process;
  11. Health Passport;
  12. what is working well in the STAR Health Program; and
  13. challenges for Members, Caregivers, Providers, and caseworkers.

HHSC believes it is important to obtain ideas and perspectives from a broad range of professionals, individuals, and organizations. While some of the questions are directed at service providers, HHSC encourages participation from all who have an interest in the STAR Health Program.  Respondents can answer some or all of the questions.

The RFI can be found at the following website:
Note: Defined terms have the meaning described in this section.  Defined terms are capitalized throughout this RFI.  Additional terms set out in initial caps are defined in Attachment A of the STAR Health Contract (“STAR Health Contract Terms and Conditions.”) The STAR Health Contract may be accessed at the following website: In the event of any conflict between the definitions in Attachment A and the definitions set out in this Section 1.3 of the RFI, the definitions used in this RFI shall control.