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Best of TASTE Survey 2018

The Best of TASTE Survey is Here!

Tell us your favorites, from Newburyport to Portland, Portsmouth to Manchester, and everywhere in between. Whether it’s your favorite bartender, lobster shack, or five-star restaurant, we want to hear from you! Voters are entered to win a $500 Grand Taste Dining Out Package and TWO VIP Tickets to the BEST of TASTE BASH on Friday, November 2nd at The Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom!

The Rules: The survey should take about 10 minutes to complete. It is set up in sections with each question populated (at random) with the most popular choices from the last two years or randomly selected from editors' picks, recent articles, and social media buzz. If none of these choices are YOUR best, please write in your vote under "other".

The Sections:
1. Best Restaurants
2. Best Dishes
3. Best Ethnic Cuisine
4. Best Inexpensive Eats
5. Best Beverages, Bars, and Nightlife
6. Best Breakfast, Brunch, and Lunch
7. Best Desserts and Bakeries
8. Best Specialty Foods and Markets
9. Best Events and Stays
10. Best Restaurant* (required vote)

The only required vote is for Best Restaurant. All other questions are not required; however, a minimum of 20 votes must be cast on other questions within the survey in order for votes to count. Polls close on 9/23/18 at Midnight!

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