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Diversity Survey 2018

Section 1 - Overall Employee Diversity and Inclusion

The Drake New Zealand Diversity Survey aims to understand how businesses across New Zealand currently measure, monitor and create their diversity goals, and will look at future trends for building and encouraging more diverse work places across the country. We will showcase these trends in our upcoming Diversity whitepaper. 

This survey should take you approximately 10-15 minutes to complete, and to say thank you for your contribution, we will enter you in a draw to win one of five (5) $100 Prezzy gift cards.In our mission to go greener, we will also plant a tree for every 20 survey responses received through our partnership with Trees That Count.

SECTION 1 - Overall Employee Diversity and Inclusion

Answer these questions based on your experience with or knowledge of employee diversity and inclusion in your organisation.
1. How does the following reflect your organisation's employees? (choose all that apply) *This question is required.
2. For each of the statements below, please rank your answer on the scale provided. *This question is required.
Space Cell Strongly disagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly agreeN/A
My organisation currently has a diverse workforce
My organisation is committed to being/becoming a diverse workforce.
My organisation has used diversity training.
My organisation provides benefits for different groups (non-traditional holidays, day care, flexible hours).
My organisation provides accessible office(s).
Employees at my organisation demonstrate a commitment to creating an inclusive environment.
My organisation offers support for every individual.
My organisation has a complaint policy.
My organisation has policies for resolving diversity-related complaints.
3. My organisation has ongoing diversity awareness/education programmes. *This question is required.