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The HR Biz Quiz

Let's Go!

Congratulations!  You’ve taken the first step in protecting your business.  We only work with small to mid-sized companies,and when we join them, a full 98% of them are doing something wrong with their HR programs - enough to get them sued, get a complaint filed against them, or risk heavy penalties from Federal and State Agencies.  Completing this quiz (which we estimate will take you less than 20 minutes) will give People People the information we need to assess the current state of your HR practices and programs.  From there, we’ll create your custom report card and call or visit to share the results.  We want to make sure you know what you don't know!  

Don’t overthink it!  If you don’t have an answer it’s OK to say so!  Remember, we’re trying to help, so we need to know what you know and what you don't!  Be honest, there’s no judgment here.  If at any time you need help during this brief quiz, don’t hesitate to call Belinda at 913.940.5391 to set a time to do it with you.  We’re happy to walk you through it.

Please provide us with the following information:
Tell Us About Your Company, Employee Handbook, and Employee Files
9. Do you currently operate with an Employee Handbook? *This question is required.
11. Do you have employees sign off on policies such as a handbook acknowledgement, anti-harassment policies, confidentiality policies, computer use policies and similar? *This question is required.
12. Do you have a published reporting procedure for harassment policies? *This question is required.
Tell Us About Your Current People Management
15. Do you have written Job Descriptions? *This question is required.
18. Do you hire Independent Contractors?   *This question is required.
If you hire Independent Contractors, do you feel you understand all the regulations around them?
19. Do you have a formal employee appraisal or employee development process?
Are your appraisal and development forms aligned with your business goals and contain employee development goals? *This question is required.
Are employees given copies of their employee appraisals or employee development forms?
21. Do you feel you have a consistent discipline or progressive discipline process? *This question is required.
23. Do you have an organizational chart? *This question is required.
Tell Us About Your Onboarding Processes
25. Do you provide successful candidates with an offer letter confirming their terms of offered employment? *This question is required.
26. Do you utilize non-compete and non-disclosure agreements? *This question is required.
If you do utilize non-compete and non-disclosure agreements, are they provided ahead of their start date or along with an offer letter? *This question is required.
Do you ask successful candidates to sign their offer letter to confirm their acceptance? *This question is required.
27. Do you require background checks and/or drug tests prior to hire? *This question is required.
Do you have authorization and release forms for employees to consent to background checks and/or drug tests? *This question is required.
29. Is your company subject to E-Verify participation? *This question is required.
30. Do you have an orientation process? *This question is required.
What About Your Pay Practices?
31. What is your pay frequency?
36. Do you outsource payroll to a third-party payroll provider? *This question is required.
38. Let's say you give your employees a gift card or cold hard cash - are they taxed on these funds? *This question is required.
39. Do you offer employees payroll advances? *This question is required.
If you issue a payroll advance to an employee, do you have them sign and IOU or note? *This question is required.
What Benefits do you Offer?
47. Do you have a workers' compensation policy? *This question is required.
48. Do you have an injury reporting procedure? *This question is required.
49. Do you have a premium only plan for benefits? *This question is required.
50. Do you offer a retirement plan? *This question is required.
If you offer a retirement plan, are you fully up to speed about your responsibilities under the plan? *This question is required.
52. Do you provide car allowances? *This question is required.
Are car allowances paid to employees taxable? *This question is required.
53. Do you provide cell phone allowances? *This question is required.
Are the cell phone allowances you pay to employees taxable? *This question is required.
54. Do you provide tuition reimbursement? *This question is required.
Do you have a written tuition reimbursement policy? *This question is required.
55. Do you provide employees with technology or equipment? *This question is required.
How Do You Recruit?
57. Do you offer an employee referral bonus? *This question is required.
58. Are you and your staff fully trained on what you can and can't ask a candidate in an interview? *This question is required.
59. How long should you keep the resumes you receive from unsuccessful candidates for an open position? *This question is required.