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BOTB Participation Agreement/School Education Plan

Battle of the Belt Participation Agreement/School Education Plan (Due Last Day of November)

Battle of the Belt

The Battle of the Belt program’s main goal is to reduce the number of motor vehicle related injuries and fatalities among Tennessee high school students by increasing seat belt use in Tennessee. 

One person in each school serves as the main contact for correspondence and information. Each school determines the numbers of students and teachers necessary for this program.  An estimate is 5-6 students minimum, with at least one supervising teacher is recommended.

Student Participation:
A student club or student group should “claim” the project and implement as many activities as they feel necessary to achieve 100% safety belt use for all who access the school property.  The educational component is the responsibility of the students and the adult staff.  Students in this group decide what education might work best for their peers Education can be done through driver’s education classes, student council, clubs, announcements, newspapers, posters, contests, social media campaigns, etc. 

This form serves as both your school's Participation Agreement and Battle of the Belt Education Plan.  The plan is designed to help you and your student group design a creative, engaging, semester-long plan to improve seat belt use. 

The activities in each question below are suggested, but not required. If you have questions about how to conduct a successful education program, contact Terrence Love at or Janay Smith at .

This question requires a valid date format of MM/DD/YYYY.
2. By completing this form, our school agrees to participate in the Battle of the Belt program.  If you have questions, contact Janay Smith at  *This question is required.