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A+ Practice Quiz: 220-901 Quiz 1

Enjoy the following 13 question quiz from CertBlaster

1. A technician is not able to boot to Windows OS. A “Non-bootable device found” message appears on the screen when the computer restarts. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the error message?
2. Your inkjet printer prints a continuous black streak on the page. What will resolve this issue?
3. What motherboard form factor would you select when designing a home theater PC?
4. What is the file type necessary for you to view a Mac disk image in Windows over a network?
5. Your mail carrier has just dropped off a flat panel that you are going to use with your PC. You unbox it and let it sit for an hour to avoid any temperature related problems. Once connected and turned on you boot the PC and immediately notice that there are about 20 white spots in the center of the screen.

What do you do?
6. You are setting up a conference room to support 15 users who usually work on the same floor as the conference room. You have been given a wireless router to make sure everyone has a solid connection.

In order to ensure the minimum disruption to their service, what feature would you disable on the new router?
7. You have just connected a second monitor to your laptop. It is not displaying anything. What would you check?
8. The process of moving the toner to the drum is known as which of the following?
9. You are building a Blade server. Which bus architecture will you use?
10. Three short beeps during POST indicates which of the following?
11. Your PC displays the message "Non System Disk or Disk Error". Which of the following will produce this result?
12. You are looking in your spare parts inventory for a Micro-ITX motherboard. Before getting down to numbers, how will you base your first round of choices?
13. When disconnecting the keyboard ribbon cables from a notebook, which is the best method to use?
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