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The Athlete PEACE Survey

Thanks for your participation in The Athlete PEACE Survey. You will be asked to complete an electronic survey. Your participation in this study is voluntary and you are free to withdraw your participation at any time. The survey should take less than 8 minutes to complete.

This survey has been approved by the Institutional Review Board of Solutions IRB. There are no risks associated with participating in this study.

The survey collects no identifying information of any respondent. All of the responses in the survey will be recorded anonymously and CANNOT be traced back to you.

While you will not experience any direct benefits from participation, information collected in this study may benefit athletes through a better understanding of how cannabis knowledge, attitudes, and use influence pain and well-being.

If you have any questions regarding the survey or this research project in general, please contact Dr. Joanna Zeiger at If you have any questions concerning your rights as a research participant, please contact the IRB at Solutions IRB at 1-855-205-4600.

By completing and submitting this survey, you are indicating your consent to participate in the study. Your participation is appreciated.