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Sustainability 101 Training Registration Form

Sustainability 101 Training Registration Form

If you would like to attend the Sustainability 101 on October 9, 2018 at UFT, please complete the registration form below. Attending this training is critical to your role, as it will cover all the necessary information needed for you to embark on your first year as a Sustainability Coordinator. From writing your required sustainability plan, to capacity building and leadership, you will leave the day feeling empowered to start this important work.

If you are interested in receiving CTLE credit, be sure to complete questions 3 and 4. By attending this training your may receive up to 6 hours of CTLE credit. 

Registration will close on October 5th.
1. Please fill out the information below.
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Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE) requirements

The NYCDOE is now an approved CTLE provider. Participating in one of our trainings counts towards the 100 required hours of CTLE that teachers in New York State must accumulate every 5 years. 

If you're interested in receiving CTLE credit, please provide your DOE File Number (not your Employee ID#) and the exact name on your teaching certificate (
you can check this by logging into TEACH or in the NY State Teacher Certification Lookup) if different than the name provided above. If not, write n/a.

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Please read and confirm your understanding for receiving CTLE credits.

  • NYSED requires that all certificate holders who are required to get CTLE credits must obtain records of attendance for each CTLE approved event and that these records must include the certificate holder’s name as it appears on their NYSED certification. By checking this box, I confirm that my email address and file number are accurate and that my full name is exactly as it appears on my NYSED certification(s). I understand that this information as it is included here will appear on my registration and attendance records, and will be used to create my CTLE certificate for this event.
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